Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project Runway 4 Recap: Episode 10

Marc says: In episode 10, the designers were given the challenge of creating outfits for female wrestling Divas, each was given a budget of $100 to work with spandex. After being away in Tokyo for a few weeks, in the land of brand worship and pooches sticking out of Burberry totes, it was nice to be back home and see women strut their stuff in "fierce" and ultra-sexy outfits. I am a child of the Rollerderby era and feel a natural connection to anyone who pulls hair, screams or is just plain violent when clothed in shiny fabric. These Divas reminded me of the new batch of Republican candidates' wives for some reason, minus Janet Huckabee who is a dead ringer for Julia Child. Tall, strong and ready to grind any competitor with the blunt end of a Payless heel.

Separated at birth? You make the call...

I must add that Heidi is looking a little tired, I'm afraid it's all catching up with her, the modeling, the Bravo show, supervising three nannies, touring with Seal in t he Balkans, she needs to scale back.

Jeff Says: So I am sick in bed but I did have the chance to watch this today. Im not sure who is giving the Producer (Heidi) advice here but WHAT THE HELL ! Since when is anything on the WWE remotely close to fashion. I recall on more than one season and on more than one occassion designers critizized for "costume-y" work. So I get the rub but it seems like hypocrisy is afoot when you bring out a bunch of transvestite wrestlers and then trot the designer down to "Spandex World" (or whatever it was called, I don't want to see a bunch of corrections in the comments please).

I did chat on the phone this morning with Jayne (or maybe it was just voicemail, damn that cold medicine is messing wiff ma heeeead) and she commented that "This was the stupidest show EVAR!" Ok, so Jayne can be a little dramatic but she's RIGHT! It was weak.

Jayne Says: We're sorry but Jayne is in Las Vegas working - the management.

Jayne, for reals, says: Actually, I'm in Vegas playing. It's my annual birthday-drive-the-car-of-your-dreams weekend. I'll be back soon...


Marc says: Christian's leather and lace outfit, loved the detail and the fit. This may shock America but this is what women wear when pushing a stroller at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

Jeff says: As a proud San Franciscan I of course have a similar outfit and let me tell you; people aren't so shocked if you are wearing that kind of thing at the appropriate time - OK? I do think that it was super well done and Christian was actually tolerable this week and even got a chuckle out of me. Too bad about the hair though.

Marc says: Chris's leopard print hoodie was in a word...."hot." Who knew Chris would last this long in the competition. The outfit may scream out "HOOKER", but let's face it, this is what women will be wearing in Aspen when global warming hits full force. A well deserved victory for our Chris.

Jeff Says: My favorite was the Jean-Paul Gautier number that Chris did. It was so well made, loved the stiffness of the hood on the jacket, loved the bootie shorts and loved how the pattern on the cups of the top seemed to look back at you (I wonder how many people just ran for the TiVo to see what I'm talkin' about).


Marc says: Rami's pink monstrosity, the top, the skirt, the gloves...all very unflattering. Wasn't this originally Tara Reid's prom outfit?

Jeff says: Yeah I am gonna agree with Marc, that outfit Rami did was NAS-TEE. On my plasma that "Good-God Pink" made Michael Kors's orange "tan" look somewhat less nauseating. Rami is turning out to be a one hit wonder and will be ultimately found doing gowns in West Hollywood from his shop "Rami!" only to be "discovered" by starlets every 4 Oscar seasons. Sad.

Marc says: Jillian's blue number. This is what a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader wears when relaxing at home, it's not that bad's just that I hate Jillian.

Jeff says: BOOOOOOO! I totally disagree with Marc. I love Jillian and would love to see her go to fashion week. The bootie shorts and knee-high socks were totally hot. I saw women pushing strollers at the Folsom Street Fair wearing the same thing. Her outfit was third in my book and ONLY because Christina had such a strong showing this week.

Marc says: Ricki's Lady Marmalade swimsuit, not the greatest obviously, but it has that Bond Girl feel to it, with a control bottom. I'm sad to see Ricky go. We've mocked his tears and silly hats but this guy had a beautiful heart.

Jeff says: I'm sorry but did we have a tear free show, Ricky? WOW is all I can say. But then let's talk about that swimsuit, I mean, outfit that you made for the Jay-Z video - whoops - for the WWE. Ricky has been skimming by, last week's win was a fluke - it was was his time.

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