Monday, August 11, 2008

And we're back...

Ok so last season we tried to 3way this blog and it turned into a CHORE. Basically we were busy and really just couldnt commit to a full scale blog production.

This season we still want to share our thoughts on the train wreck that is, so we have decided to share our weekly post show chat with you.

Think of it as stream of conciousness....

PR5 Instant Message Chat: July7
Jeff - did you watch it yet?
Jayne - no
Jayne - :(
Jayne - sorry
Jeff - wanna know who gets it? :)
Jayne - i read the blogs
Jayne - Korto
Jeff - who???
Jeff - oh
Jeff - yah
Jeff - it was hot
Jeff - cept
Jeff - i liked Detroit’s better
Jayne - noooooooooo!
Jeff - lol
Jeff - yesssss
Jeff - you know its the response to loriders
Jayne - short, athletic chicks can't wear those!
Jeff - yeah you can
Jayne - yeah
Jayne - but damn
Jayne - i hate those
Jeff - with yo big o platforms grrrrrrrrrrl
Jeff - disco style
Jayne - if you have any kind of hips, those pants are a NO GO
Jayne - ew
Jeff - clomp clomp clomp
Jeff - clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp clomp
Jeff - clomp clomp clomp
Jeff - thats you stumbling around with yo big ol platforms
Jayne - i've got too much junk in the trunk to pull off high waist-ers
Jeff - welll it comes down to
Jeff - age vs liking to eat vs fassshion
Jeff - I mean look at Cindy McCain
Jeff - poor thing must be hungry
Jayne - I'll stick with my non-fashionable jeans if being in fashion means i have to give up eating
Jayne - fuck that.
Jeff - shit girl i would starve
Jeff - or run like a maniac
Jayne - that's you.
Jayne - i tried the whole eating disorder thing in college
Jeff - ooooh barf?
Jayne - i was thin...but i was MEAN because I was so hungry
Jayne - no way
Jayne - i just didn't eat
Jeff - boooo
Jayne - for like 6 months
Jayne - i HATE throwing up
Jeff - barfing is what the cool girls do you know
Jeff - yeah its gross
Jayne - guess i'm not cool then
Jayne - i HATE barfing! i'd rather die first
Jayne - ugh
Jeff - lol
Jeff - ok lets talk about something other than body image
Jayne - fair enough
Jeff - so jennifer got the *yawn* chop *yawn*
Jayne - total yawn
Jeff - omg
Jayne - she was so boring
Jeff - and the funniest thing was that on her way out
Jeff - she talked AGAIN about her abstract view point
Jeff - ??????????????????
Jeff - i turned to Joe and started to yell
Jeff - "what the hell is she talking about??"
Jayne - it was like last week's chick talking about how her clothes were so "underground"
Jeff - ROFL
Jayne - these people are delusional
Jeff - yeah they are!
Jeff - Detroit starts yelling at the dark haired boy
Jeff - black dude is a woman
Jayne - haha
Jeff - tanorexic is freaking cause hes getting pale
Jeff - rocker chick is awesome
Jayne - blayne is totally scary
Jeff - YAH
Jeff - Blllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnne
Jeff - what kind of name is that
Jayne - i know a blayne
Jayne - he has an Olympic gold medal
Jayne - for gymnastics
Jeff - so then i cant use my rhymes with lame joke?
Jayne - oh no, please, go right ahead
Jeff - he’s gay right?
Jayne - neg Jayne - he's just short and bitter
Jeff - yeah that’s what i was wondering
Jeff - cause he wanted to eat 40s girl
Jeff - why don’t i know thier names yet
Jayne - oh wait...we're back to talking about the show?
Jeff - LOL
Jayne - THAT blayne is totally gay!
Jayne - hello?!?!?!
Jeff - ooooh ok
Jeff - well i dunno
Jayne - who says "hollah atcha boy" like he does
Jayne - gay.
Jayne - gay.
Jayne - gayy.
Jeff - you think?
Jayne - just a thought.
Jayne - but what do i know
Jeff - he looks like a pole smoker to me
Jayne - yeah.
Jayne - ok...i have some QA shit to do today, so I need to go...
Jayne - but I luv ya!
Jeff - ok my niacin flush is gone and its safe to bee seen in the coffee room
Jayne - and I miss blogging with ya!
Jeff - im off!
Jeff - i know
Jeff - so busy
Jayne - me too
Jeff - we should just post these chats??
Jayne - hahaha Jayne - totally!
Jeff - hmmmmm
Jayne - that's a thought...
Jeff - im gonna
Jayne - hahahaha
Jayne - doooooooooo it
Jayne - :)