Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Runway 4 recap: Episode 9

Jayne says: I'm looking around the room and finding that I'm all by my lonesome this week. I don't know where the boys are, but it's safe to say that they're probably out having more fun than me. Those two live such illustrious, glamorous lives. Me, I did my freaking taxes earlier, for crying out loud! *deep sigh* Anyways, I've got butt-loads to say this week, so here we go...

This week's challenge found the designers heading out to another random loading dock. The Senior VP of design from Levi's is introduced. (Sidebar: Design? For a denim company that specializes in jeans that fit no one correctly? Why? Maybe it's a throw-away title. Hmmm.) Door #2 is raised to show numerous pairs of ill-fitting 501s and boring white fabric that I don't think anyone used in their final designs strung up like old, forgotten laundry. The best part? The 100 yard dash to grab the denim. You could just see Chris thinking to himself, "Don't make me run! I'm full of chocolate!"


Chris and Uter. Separated at birth? You make the call...

Anyways, the designers were challenged to use as many pairs of Levi's jeans and denim jackets as their little hearts desired to create an all-denim "iconic" look. I had to ask myself "How iconic can denim be? It''s...denim! How ever will they make an interesting garment out of crappy jeans?!" Well, boy, was I wrong! Let's start the show:

The Horrid:


Victorya's "trench" was auf-worthy, but it wasn't nearly as criminal as the length and the wash (that blue makes me shiver with icky-ness) of Jillian's effort. And those shoes, while incredibly fabulous, do nothing to improve her look. Either designer could have taken a hike and it would have been OK with me.

The Fabulous:

In my humble opinion, this was the only real contender for the win. I was a little worried when I saw Sweet P. making a long denim wedding dress. "Hippy dippy" described the long look perfectly, but the short dress ended up being very attractive. And no patchouli oil anywhere in sight! YAY!!

The Meh:


The judges drooled over Ricky's outfit and gave him the win. I'm totally underwhelmed. All I have to say is Forever 21. On sale.

Christian showed his incredibly innovative design aesthetic by taking a pair of jeans and making, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, a pair of jeans. Snore! (and as much as I liked Christian last week, he's reverted back to squawk-mode and again, I want to shove pencils in my ears to make it stop!)

Michael and Nina had clothes-gasms over Rami's use of zippers as seams. So clever, they said! So interesting! Hmmmm, wonder where they'd seen that before?

Oh. Yeah. Right. Nevermind.

Who should have won:

Sweet P. Hands down. Her design, while not necessarily "iconic", was original and totally wearable.

Who should have gotten the boot:

The judges would have been totally justified in sending either Jillian or Victorya home, although really, what's going through the judges' heads is a total mystery. Anyone could have been auf'ed. Who knows.


Jeff said...

IM SORRY! I was in Lake Tahoe snowboarding and winning millions at the Black Jack tables.

Wintermute said...

Millions, you say? Mama needs a new pair of Louboutins, Daddy Warbucks...


J-P said...

I was with Marc (bottle of sparkling water) last night at Momo's in Shinjuku. He looks great. He kept wondering if his jeans were too short. I said they were. He disagreed. But then wondered again if his jeans were too short. Again, I said they were. Apparently the hotel staff didn't wash them as he asked. Oh, and he said for me to visit the blog because I had told him that I loving the Pee Runway shows I am catching on tubetube. Sweet Pea's dress was that nice? I don't think. Actually, I thought Christian's pants were HAWT. But he's gotta stop with those rounded buffy shoulders. Ick. I loved the look on his face before they announced the winner. He was so sure he'd win. Ricky is my favourite. Only because he's the cutest.