Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Project Runway 4 Recap: Episode 11

Jeff says: Wow. I can't believe we are at the end already. To be completely honest, season 4 left me a little flat. The designers were, for the most part, already established. The producers seemed more worried about the gimmicks and drama than the actual contest.

This morning I was walking by the front desk at the office. The woman who works the front desk - who is a real kick in the chonies - wanted to chat about Tim Gunn. Specifically, how he always seemed to know exactly what the judges wanted. Now in the past I may have chalked it up to the fact that he is a former instructor, and was a probably part of designing the overall challenge. But when I started to answer her, doubt came forward and I explained that I thought they might be using Tim to guide the results for dramatic effect, possibly manipulating who stayed on the show.... because maybe the remaining players had more drama value, rather than overall talent.

Take the unexplainable stamina of Ricky as a case in point.

Or the fact that they spent a good 2 minutes chasing Chris down into the break room and discussing his nap - puh-leeeeeese, who CARES?!?

OK, bygones... here we are at the final 5: Rami, Jillian, Christina, Sweet P and Chris. They are all talented, and have a point of view. Its all about the clothes, right?

Jayne says:
And when did Ricky's schtick become good TV? I can watch sissy-boys in bad hats cry on any channel (like MTV). Where were the Santinos? The Zulemas? The freaking WENDY PEPPERS for crying out loud?!? I want another motherf*cking walk-off, damn it!


Jeff says:
The designers were taken to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Over a 45 minute period, armed with a product placement - I mean - digital camera - they were to find inspiration in classical works of art spanning several periods and cultures. There didn't seem to be any guidance or limits other than time allotted to construct their vision based on the inspirations (and a 300 dollar budget). The end result of the show would culminate in 2 auf'ings and 3 contestants promoted to the finale at New York Fashion Week (SWEET!)

Jayne says: In theory, that was the plan. But the final twist made things a little more interesting for Rami and Chris, who will have to design a whole line, and then present their best three looks in order to secure the last spot at Fashion Week. Very interesting, indeed.

Let's start the show...


Jeff says: Jillian. HELL YES! Her outfit was sex-on-legs meets-blondie-at-the-disco. She drew inspiration from a painting of the Argonauts leader. What was super clear was that it was just inspiration as she created an out that was ultra modern and hella tight. I could see that outfit with the black jacket, gold dress and matching lining on any B-lister sexpot at any urban museum show opening. I wish I had a better picture, specifically one from the catwalk: the color contrast and reflection mixed with the movement of the dress was flat out stunning.

Jillian has met every challenge head on and always delivered - she has a fan here in SF.
Go Jillian!

Jayne says:
Did Jeff really just say "hella tight"? OMG. ROFL!!
But yeah, this was my fave of the night too. I loved the cut-outs on the back of the jacket and the lining! Very creative, very chic. Jill, darling, call me. I want that jacket.

And here's my PSA for the night :
Future PR designers, take note: Judges cream themselves when you line a jacket. Do it. Often. You will succeed. Nina will not be bored. Promise.


Jeff says: Christina. To quote Jayne, it was "Hor-eee-blah!" I saw Christian LaCroix and Yves St Laurent and Ralph Lauren all mixed into a mish mash of classic looks. I know he won, but it was EW! In defense of the judges it was super flashy and I think they were wearing their Fashion Week beanies (a little too tight). This was clear as they continuously harped on the designers for having (or not) a sense of showmanship. The high point in the show for me was when the now barely living, Robert Cavalli rattled out some platitude to Christina about how much love and was in the creation... love the detail... so forth.... Christian looked like a confused mix of flattery and the thought of what it might be if he had to sleep with him.

Jayne says:
Christian's schpeel was that he wanted to create pieces that could be worn separately. Ok, seriously. Look at those frilly, wacky, POOFY pieces. Could any of those realistically be worn with anything else without looking like you broke into the costume closet at the local high school's drama club? Nah. Not a chance. What this mess of fabric did have going for it was the WOW factor on the runway. I definitely took notice, but not in a good way. Even so, I say Christian FTW at Fashion Week.


Jeff says: Sweet P and Rami. SweetP because, really honey - it was boring. It was nice, there was a slight uniqueness about the dress but I was a 300.00 dollar cocktail dress. Rami, OMG why does he keep doing the same boring dress! I swear hes making me want to poke my eyes out.... In other seasons he would have been weeded out a long time ago as a one hit wonder - he has no versatility. The dress this week was immaculately constructed and a nice piece but it was also a 300.00 dollar cocktail dress. Both Rami and Sweet P are not America's Next Great Designer.

Jayne says: Sweet P fell so damn flat on this one. And I'm sad, too. I snuck a peek at the collection she presented at Fashion Week, and I have to say, it was really the only one that I liked. She will be successful, even without this tragic peacock court jester mess. And Rami, good God man, get over yourself and the draping! Basta!! In seasons past, other designers have gotten the entire can of Nina-whoop-ass for being a one-note. Let's just hope that Rami can crank out something different for the last challenge against Chris. But then again, I hope he brings more of the same boring Grecian drapey crapola, because holy poop on a stick, I love this dress of Chris's:

I've got my fingers crossed for you Chris, my little round boy of love!


David Dust said...

Poor Sweet P - her lack of peacockery got her sent home. And Rami is VERY "passionate about draping" - we KNOW!

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