Friday, February 22, 2008

It's SEW not over!!

Jayne says: First, the good: I admit, I really like the idea of giving 12 out of the 15 designers (Sweet P?! Ice Queen?! That chick that got auf'ed in the first episode?!) the opportunity to vie for $10K by creating a 3- look collection that we, the little people, get to judge. "It's Sew Not Over" is an awesome concept in theory. In practice, however...

I don't like the fact that the final three designers got to participate here. It seems like overkill...and a bit unfair to the other designers. I think that giving those who are very clearly talented, but were auf'ed too soon a chance to show what they've really got was the point. For Christian, Jillian and Chris or Rami, they made it all the way to the end of the competition, so we've already seen what they're capable of. PLUS they get to show at Bryant Park. Why include them? I guess this is why I'm not involved in the production of reality TV. Too fair, I am....

Anyways, I'm gonna need a bit more time to digest the collections, but here are a few pieces, good and bad, that caught my eye right off the bat...

The Horrid:

Holy shit. The only place this would fit: The 2008 off-Broadway remake of Seven Samurai: The All Drag Version. Otherwise, UGH! Carmen, honey...NO. Those shoes hurt my soul.

I am not joking in the least when I say that, at first glance, I thought this was a picture of Ricky modeling his own design. Maybe it's the hat. It actually might be a cute little dress. But I can't get past that HAT! Jesus man! They don't look good on you...what made you think they'd look good on a woman in a cocktail dress? For crying out loud Lady Tearbox, ENOUGH with the hats!

Again, time is needed to really sift through everyone's looks. I'm sure there's some serious fug up in there. But for now, on to...

The Fabulous:

This orange little number from Elisa, oddly enough, makes me want a Creamsicle. I love those!! And I totally love this dress, too! (Honestly, I love the little blue flower, even if there is an obvious its-growing-out-of-her-crotch joke to be made here. I don't care, though...that dress is so damn flattering on the model!)

I love the colors on this dress from Jack. The shoes...not so much. But minus those, I think the overall look is darling and something (minus the shoes) that I would totally wear.

Now, here's a case where the shoes work!! Kit chose to add a little pop of Burberry-esque fabric to this look that I LOVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART! Best in show: the short-sleeved overcoat. I covet. Honestly. The sleeves of the shirt might be a tad long for my taste, but when the whole look comes together like that, who cares about the sleeve length! Gorg-e-ous!!!

Jeff, Marc? Any thoughts?

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