Thursday, November 22, 2007

Project Runway 4 Recap: Episode 2

Jeff Says: Can I tell you all how good it is to be back in the throws of another season of Project Runway? In San Francisco, watching it is part of the requirement to get city citizenship:

"Question 1: Are you a Democrat, Independent, or crazy? Select Democrat"
"Question 2: Do you watch Project Runway? Select Yes or No"
"Question 3: Do you own any white dress shoes? Select Yes or No"

Marc Says: Apologies to J&J for being MIA for 48 hours, as well to our dear public (I know you are out me). I had a massive chunk of turkey breast stuck in my throat and had to be rushed to a William Sonoma store to have the dry bird flesh pulled out with a pair of 100 dollar kitchen tongs. Bless the sales lady who saved my life and then gave me hot chocolate once a pulse was detected. Thank god it didn't happen on Black Friday, that's all I'm saying......

Jeff Says: This week my favorite TV actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, was the guest host and was on a mission to get a free design for her new clothing line "Bitten". She is so great and I love that she is so humble. You really got the sense that she just came on the to make friends (on her way to her next million).

Marc says: How can anyone not love SJP? America's No. 1 fashion icon. The woman who grew up on food stamps and now has her own perfume, sent a shockwave through the room when she surprised the designers. I have only seen a reaction of that magnitude twice in my life, once in Lourdes when a group of Filipino tourists spotted the Virgin Mary and the other was on a flight to Palm Springs when a very famous gay porn star sat in economy. SJP is sincere and truly does want to dress the "American" woman for less than the cost of a take-out lunch at Whole Foods. In reality, her clothes are like the polyfiber darlings at H&M, they look great on the rack and away from an open flame, but once wrapped around normal bodies they look like cheap halloween costumes.

Challenge: Design a garment for everywoman.
Catch: 15 dollar limit on materials.

Jeff Says: Does every woman really want to dress like Sarah Jessica? SURE. Do they? UH, no they really don't. I cant imagine Jessica would be caught selling a sweater set or matching short-sleeve shirt and capris.

Rami: No no no no no no - this looks like a maternity outfit. The hair makes it look like a maternity outfit for an alien. I really was impressed with his vision and execution last week and this was just so uninspired. Maybe he is one of those guys that as the conversation runs on you realize that there really isn't as much there as you initially thought. Again, I was really disappointed. Mr. Kors sure lit up when Rami gave him a little grin though - work it Mr.

Jayne says: Ok, in all fairness to this week's designs and designers, I haven't yet seen this episode. The lame hotel (Homewood Suites, a Hilton establishment, if you please) didn't have Bravo. But just based on the pic here of Rami's outfit, the top looks more like one of those smocks that hair colorists give you to cover up your real clothes before slathering multi-faceted goo on your locks. I am, however, willing to reserve my judgments until I see the episode...

Jeff Says: I think I am warming up to the decision to cast Christian for season 4 as he is really full of himself. Fixin' his parrot hairdo on camera. Using the words "fierce" and "great" about his own design. Calling the other contestants things like "lame" and "losers".

Even better... when this nasty ass American Apparel knock-off dress and doesn't-go-with-jacket from his Dynasty design book took him one step away from getting auf'ed. Best moment in the season so far 'cause he just looked like he was gonna CRY.

Elisa: Girl, you're a freak. Please stop using the word IMBUE or I'm gonna poke out my ear drums. Please don't stop listening to your peers and Tim Gunn. Although your original sketch looked nothing like the final design IT WAS GORGEOUS. Did I say gorgeous? 'Cause it was - you know - GORGEOUS. Great colors and mix of textures. Hot length. Great use of skin and lines without being body conscious. Sweet a-line sleeves gathered at the bottom. Just amazing.

I called Elisa's outfit gorgeous right?

Jayne says: Again, haven't seen the episode, but I hope that this felt...thing? not as stiff-looking coming down the runway as it is in that pic. And, for god's sake, is that a (*gulp*) poncho? A fucking PONCHO?!? Honey, NO! Like I said, I'm willing to try to suppress the brain aneurysm until I see it in motion, but the Manolo taught me well, kids...friends don't let friends do ponchos.

Jeff Says: Side Note: here but did you catch the commercial at the 30 minute mark? It was for L'oreal Preference with Heather Locklear. How fucking old is she anyway? SHE LOOKS HOT.

Jayne says: I secretly want to be Heather Locklear. Bitch just refuses to age! Love her!

Jeff Says:
Should Have Won.
My vote goes for Elisa. Sure, the actual winner Victorya had another very sweet outfit. Cute detail and nice mix of textures, but I loved Elisa's look so much more..

Should Have Gotten The Boot.
As much as I dislike Christian on all fronts I do agree with the judges final decision for cut Marion. Michael
Kors described his outfit best: "Costumey", "Looked like something Pocahontas would wear" , " It grew 6 inches while on the runway". Too bad, I liked his personal style and thought it would translate to some nice work.


Wintermute said...

Ok, its 7pm on Saturday night. I am sitting in my PJs under a down blanket finally watching the episode...

OMG, is Ricky *crying*? Suck it up Nancy pants!

I know I'm gonna catch MAD flack from Jeff on this, but I really don't care for SJP. Girl, I can see your roots.

I'm sure I'll have more to add as the episode goes on, but I do have this to say:
"'Carmen' like the opera. 'Webber' like the baller". Hells yeah. I (heart) her.

And oh yeah, I'm missing a Sharks game for this, bitches! It better be good. =)

Wintermute said...

Seriously, did Elisa SPIT on the fabric?! EW!!!! And I'll admit, her dress *was* cute once the strange poncho thing was removed. Great color, although wasn't her dress last week pretty close to the same color? It's "Chloe blue" all over again. Careful, one-note chickie!

Anonymous said...

Heather Locklear does look great. She and I were born on the same day, same year, so I know she's 46. I don't know what she's made of, but it doesn't seem to be biodegradeable.