Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project Runway 4 Recap: Episode One

Jayne says: Well, well, well. Here we are again. Jayne and Jeff, plus our new friend Marc. First off, I'd like to welcome you all to the new home of our little recaps. And we love Marc. You all will, too. YAY!

Ok, let's get right down to it. In the first challenge of Season Four, our designers were presented with a three tents full of gorg-e-ous fabrics and told they could use unlimited amounts of whatever they chose. Wait...a challenge with no budget?! What?! Part of the fun of past Episode Ones has been watching the designers flounder and flail around to make a garment out of candy, corn husks, and shower curtains. Not this time, though. Jeff said it best: If the designers can't shine when they are given complete and total creative freedom with no budget, they shouldn't be in the competition at all. Agreed, dear. The stage was set to separate the real talent from the riff-raff. And boy, there was a lot of riff-raff.

Marc says: I'm not exactly a bitch, I prefer calling it a personality with a strong edge....what I do hope to bring to this Blog is the perspective of a hardcore shopper and someone who gets high in stores from the smell of fresh merchandise. In general I felt the designs last night lacked a real sparkle despite the fact they were given great fabric. Some of the dresses made the models look like they had been pulled from a plane crash. This new crew of couture wannabes will need to focus more on the competition in the next few weeks and slack off on maintaining "Blade Runner" hairstyles and speaking to the camera like they're auditioning for "Days of Our Lives."

Jeff Says: I would also like to welcome Marc, he is a good friend and and the master of wit. I should add that it also helps we both LOVE the movie Towering Inferno ..

Did anyone notice how all of the ladies on the show looked like slight variations of the same woman? Only Kara Saun - whoops - I mean CARMEN had a real sense of hot...

Jayne Says: Dear Chris March, I WANT THIS DRESS!! Call me! I can even e-mail you my measurements! Divine, this was. (Note to the reader: please watch the re-runs of this show to see this dress in motion. It's heavenly and this picture does not do it justice!)

Marc says: I agree, beautiful design. Very simple and elegant compared to what others launched on the runway last night.

Jeff Says: We were all in agreement here. I called it Oscar De La Renta circa 1979, the tie on the back of the neck was FABULOUS... and the color.... to die...

Jayne Says: Aaaaannnnd now for the crap:

I know the judges oogled and drooled over this one, but honestly, all I see is a bad Burberry knock-off print with mangy fur glued down the front. I'm wishy-washy about Christian, but I HATE this outfit (and his hair! UGH!). I just didn't get it. Plus, if you have to constantly tell people how good you are, chances are that you're just not, mmmmkay?

Marc says: I was frightened by Christian's hair as well, he looked like a crow with morning hair. The dress looks like something you would wear to a "Dynasty" drag party. I think the judges probably have a better view of the design and the stitching than we do and perhaps see potential in Christian. What I see is a dress from the "ready-to-wear office collection" at Wal-Mart.

Jeff Says: Christian = UGH! You ever see the movie "Mean Girls" where the queen of the plastics gets hits by a bus? I was imaging that every time this little boy got screen time. Maybe his design was ok but I thought it looked kinda bad. The concept was there and that is what I think the judges were grabbing onto.

Jayne Says: Chris March. Rami's dress? Although stunning, too J. Lo.
Marc says: I agree. Loved this dress, super elegant. It flowed perfectly and actually would even work on anyone without an eating disorder.
Jeff Says: Chris March should have won - so hot (I have my trademark goosebumps!). Rami was hot proper, but his dress looked like some thing from Star Trek or maybe even Towering Inferno. Did you hear the way Rami said Silk Georgette? SWOON!
Maybe if I were Micael Kors I could vote for him ONLY if he agreed to come to my dressing room after taping...


Jayne Says: Simone. The judges actually got this one right. For once.

Marc says: Simone may be better suited for "Top Chef" based on the stitching and look of her little disaster. Bonne chance cheri.

Jeff Says: Simone. I used to sit next to a woman like her at work. She was nice but always came unraveled under pressure. Seems like this is what happened here - sorry girl.

At any rate, its too early to really tell who's got it and who's faking it. Catch us all back here next week. This promises to be another great season of our favorite show and we're all along for the ride!

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